Impact of the Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree Night

The dark night sky of Tokyo has changed

Tokyo Sky Tree is shining in the night sky
Great light visible from anywhere

never get tired of looking at long
Gleam that is equal to everyone

Tokyo Sky Tree Salisbury steak

The restaurant's menu has been changed

The fried shrimp are stacked vertically
Fried shrimp looks great from anywhere

Salisbury steak will be eaten if it gets bored with fried shrimp.
delicious is equal to everyone


  1. Great beautiful tower with different colors of light.
    The food looks very appetizing.
    Greetings Irma

  2. I love the foto of the tower is very nice. In the top seems like a ufo.
    The second seems delicious.
    Greetings from Jerez - Spain

  3. Oh I love your photo of the sky tree
    but..oh...I love darkness too