New friends who came from abroad

He is to do the job, we came to Japan.
He spent the next three years in Japan.

Me and he is still the conversation does not go well.
But we are friends 

I am looking forward to the next three years.

Time is flowing slowly

garden And offerings of Bali

I went on a trip to Bali
All the things to see are fresh.
Time in Bali is flowing slowly

It wakes up with sunrise.   It will sleep, if it becomes dark.
Such every day is very happy

I visit again. 

Traditional performing arts of Bali

Waiting for Spring

Two Dogs waiting for the spring

Two Dogs waiting for the spring

They know that
Warm spring to come soon

Are waiting

looking out of the window every day

Be caught in rain.

The good woman who gets wet to rain

The couple who quarreled

The train is not running any longer.
The taxi which is not caught
It also rains. 

The occurrence which is not good occurs continuously.
Maybe tomorrow is a good thing

Baby bird waiting for a parent

The baby of a swallow

I found a bird's nest.
Baby swallows in a nest that is not yet open eye

The baby who is waiting calmly, the baby who is crying, the baby who is sleeping Personality is already falling apart

Their parents do not come back when I approached
I left the spot calmly.